About Leah:

I'm a comic artist and writer from the PNW who worked in the mainstream comic industry and on webcomics since 2007. I'm a self-taught artist that went to college to study social and political science. My hobbies include beachcombing, hiking, camping, playing video games, and modding Skyrim.

Note: In May 2018 I changed my pen name to Leah Briere. In the past I've been published as J.L. (Jayelle) Anderson. To find out more behind the name change read this blog post.

About the series:

Anaria is a world once ravaged by an ancient war between a technologically advanced elven race with fading magic and otherworldly beings of the Nadir Realm. The descendants are left with decaying technology to keep them safe from the ongoing threats from Nadir, but ongoing tension between the different magical factions and races has strained progress.

The comics are all short stories or slice of life taking place within a few years of each other and will eventually connect through prose.

World of Anaria:

World, race, magic, and technology info will go here.
It'll be a work in progress for some time.

Go here to read about the world of Anaria

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