Anaria is a world once ravaged by an ancient war between a technologically advanced elven race with fading magic and otherworldly beings of the Nadir Realm. The descendants are left with decaying technology to keep them safe from the ongoing threats from Nadir, but ongoing tension between the different magical factions and races has strained progress.

The comics are all short stories or slice of life taking place within a few years of each other and will eventually connect through prose.

The art in my comics are SFW, but the dialogue can contain adult language and mature themes.

In a world where technology and magic meet, a reluctant psionic works with his friends to keep their town safe from ancient elven war robots.

Genre: Slice of life dramedy. Short stories.
Age: Older Teen+ for swearing, alcohol use, and mild suggestive dialogue.
Status: Updating. Ongoing series.

A werefox woman named Mahri is determined to help Gavin, her human husband, enjoy his first winter festival in her country in hopes that he finds some healing.

Genre: Romance, drama
Age: Older Teen+, mostly due to suggestive dialogue.
Status: Updating. Will be a single episode. Takes place after everything in Mayfield Regulators. Spoilers will be minimal.

Kaylee, an exiled sun witch has to confront her past to help save citizens facing a supernatural plague.

Genre: Drama
Age: PG-13
Status: Indefinite Hiatus. Some of the terms used isn't canon to the series anymore and a few details about Lilian, Adia, and Roland have changed.

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